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Feedback Me Plugin 0.5.9.beta.1

This jQuery plug-in allows user to easily add an animatable UI widget with a feedback form which slides from the side of the screen.

Clean Example

Clean Complex Example

jQuery UI Example

Twitter Bootstrap Example

External IFrame Example

Custom Html Example

Multiple Feedbacks Example

All available parameters + default settings (detailed documentation inside jquery.feedback_me.js):
					var default_options = {
						feedback_url: "",
						position: "left-top",
						jQueryUI: false,
						bootstrap: false,
						show_email: false,
						show_radio_button_list: false,
						close_on_click_outisde: true,
						name_label: "Name",
						email_label: "Email",
						message_label: "Message",
						radio_button_list_labels: ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5"],
						radio_button_list_title: "How would you rate my site?",
						name_placeholder: "",
						email_placeholder: "",
						message_placeholder: "",
						name_required: false,
						email_required: false,
						message_required: false,
						radio_button_list_required: false,
						show_asterisk_for_required: false,
						submit_label: "Send",
						title_label: "Feedback",
						trigger_label: "Feedback",
						custom_params: {},
						iframe_url : undefined,
						show_form: true,
						custom_html: "",
						delayed_close : true,
						delayed_options : {
							delay_success_milliseconds : 2000,
							delay_fail_milliseconds : 2000,
							sending : "Sending...",
							send_fail : "Sending failed.",
							send_success : "Feedack sent.",
							fail_color : undefined,
							success_color : undefined,
							custom_html_success: undefined,
							custom_html_fail: undefined