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jQuery Feedback Me Plugin 0.5.9.beta.1

Clean Complex Example

This jQuery plug-in allows user to easily add an animatable UI widget with a feedback form which slides from the side of the screen.

***Click on the feedback label on the left***
Usage(on this page example):
						$(document).ready(function () {
						    //set up some minimal options for the feedback_me plugin
						    fm_options = {
						        show_email: true,
						        email_required: true,
						        show_radio_button_list: true,
						        radio_button_list_required: true,
						        radio_button_list_title: "How likely are you to recommend Feedback Me plugin to a friend?",
						        name_placeholder: "Name please",
						        email_placeholder: "Email goes here",
						        message_placeholder: "Go ahead, type your feedback here...",
						        name_required: true,
						        message_required: true,
						        show_asterisk_for_required: true,
						        feedback_url: "send_feedback_clean",
						        custom_params: {
						            csrf: "my_secret_token",
						            user_id: "john_doe",
						            feedback_type: "clean_complex"
						        delayed_options: {
						        	delay_success_milliseconds: 3500,
									send_success : "Sent successfully :)"
						    //init feedback_me plugin
All available parameters + default settings (detailed documentation inside jquery.feedback_me.js):
					var default_options = {
						feedback_url: "",
						position: "left-top",
						jQueryUI: false,
						bootstrap: false,
						show_email: false,
						show_radio_button_list: false,
						close_on_click_outisde: true,
						name_label: "Name",
						email_label: "Email",
						message_label: "Message",
						radio_button_list_labels: ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5"],
						radio_button_list_title: "How would you rate my site?",
						name_placeholder: "",
						email_placeholder: "",
						message_placeholder: "",
						name_required: false,
						email_required: false,
						message_required: false,
						radio_button_list_required: false,
						show_asterisk_for_required: false,
						submit_label: "Send",
						title_label: "Feedback",
						trigger_label: "Feedback",
						custom_params: {},
						iframe_url : undefined,
						show_form: true,
						custom_html: "",
						delayed_close : true,
						delayed_options : {
							delay_success_milliseconds : 2000,
							delay_fail_milliseconds : 2000,
							sending : "Sending...",
							send_fail : "Sending failed.",
							send_success : "Feedack sent.",
							fail_color : undefined,
							success_color : undefined,
							custom_html_success: undefined,
							custom_html_fail: undefined